30 Aug 2016 : Tuesday

Research Priority Setting Software launched !

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INCLEN Leadership And Management Program (LAMP)

Identifying priorities for child health research to achieve Millennium Development Goal 4

Close to 25,000 children die every day, mostly due to pneumonia, diarrhoea and newborn problems.1 These three main causes of child mortality, which represent 70% of all deaths in under-five children, receive very minimal research funding. Of current research funding, 97% focuses on the development of new interventions, with the potential to reduce child mortality by 22%, while the remaining 3% of funding goes to optimize the delivery of existing technologies, with the potential to reduce child mortality by 60%.2 Re-visiting research priorities may help to galvanize support towards work with greater potential to contribute to achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 4, over the 6 years left before 2015.